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“I don’t want to go to bed with you tonight, Little Rabbit.” Lucky tipped her chin up and leaned in close, until she felt his warm breath on her face.

“You don’t?” A thousand thoughts rushed through Trinity’s head, none of which were complimentary. Of course he doesn’t.

“No. I want to wake up beside you in the morning.”

And that was the difference between a boy and a man.

Collin, “Lucky” Casey earned his nickname from tiptoeing the line between life and death multiple times. Now, the retired Delta Force Operator is leading men once again. This time, his unit is a rowdy crew of motorcycle club members. The Spartan Watchmen have more than bikes in common; they are all former special forces operators and BDSM Dominants. When a rival club rides into town, threatening everything he holds dear, Collin knows he will either earn his nickname one more time or he will die defending it.

Trinity Rodrigo has all but given up on love. A fifty-seven-year-old divorcee, she’s combined her love for books, coffee and wine with her recently acquired MBA and opened Day & Night. Coffee shop by day, Wine Bar by night with the town’s only bookstore in the middle, she couldn’t predict the popularity of her new business venture. Overwhelmed by her adult responsibilities, Trinity escapes it all with her visits to The Citadel’s Playdates for those in the BDSM lifestyle that identify as Littles. She’s long since abandoned hope at finding a Daddy to call her own, she’s just happy to hang out with her friends.

Welcome back to the Rocky Mountains where many sexy military veterans have decided to call home. From the gates of Valhalla to the walls of the Spartan Watchmen Motorcycle Club compound, the citizens of Grand Ridge are well guarded. The battle-hardened warriors will stop at nothing to protect everything that belongs to them: including the women they love.


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